Headquarters: Sunrise Association, Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Building, 15 Neil Court, Oceanside, NY 11572

Arnie Preminger, MSW
President & CEO 516.634.4144
Karen Szteinberg
Director of Operations/Executive Administrator 516.634.4144
Daihana Martinez
Administrative Assistant  516.634.4144
Michele Vernon, MSW
Senior Vice President  for Camping &
Related Services 516.634.4146
Will Eastman
Director of Community Engagement – Northeast Region 410.404.2192 
Deanna Slade
Camp Director, Long Island 516.634.4193
Jeremy Levin
Camp Director, Pearl River 914.343.5405
Mark McElrath
Executive Director, Horizon 410.441.0558 
Gregory Hill
Executive Director, Atlanta 781.799.6073 
Sandy Haft
Camp Director, Staten Island  718.475.5274
Anat Ben Dror
Interim Executive Director, Sunrise Israel 516.634.4144
Beth Fetner
Senior Vice President for Development 516.634.4196
Kristina Curatolo
Development Director   516.634.4171
Bonni Gould
Senior Development Executive 516.634.4143
Lindsay Brooke Weiss
Development Executive 917.232.1769
Judi Santana  
Director of Special Events 516.634.4148
Elizabeth Urbanski
Sr Event Coordinator  516.634.4163
Lizzie Mancini
Jr Event Cordinator 516.634.4191
Maria Walden Sullivan
Director of Organizational Development, Atlanta 678.478.6663 
Sharon Kaufman
Executive Assistant 516.634.4174
Sima Matthes
Administrative Assistant 516.634.4178
Nicolle Gooding-Drew
Administrative Bookkeeping Assistant  516.634.4176
Judy Fishkind
Vice President of Marketing 516.996.9042
Melissa Curley
Assistant Director of Marketing 516.634.4154
Stacey Gross
Assistant Director of Marketing  516.634.4183
Matthew Slade
Facilities Director  516.220.5678
Aileen Hoffman
VP for Sunrise WALKS & Standards 516.634.4188
Josh Krinick
Coordinator of SunriseWALKS/
Sunrise on Wheels 516.634.4147
Michelle Warsoff
SunriseWALKS Pearl River Coordinator 845.288.3796
Fran Sonnenschein
Coordinator, Horizon on Wheels​ & HorizonWALKS 410.991.0460
Kristine Magnifico
SunriseWALKS Consultant 516.428.9286
Bonnie Flatow
SVP for Hospital & Community Services 516.634.4158
Cindy Harwin
L.I. Sunrise on Wheels Administrative Coordinator 516.634.4017
Fran Sonnenschein
Hospital Liaison & Horizon on Wheels Coordinator 410.991.0512
Karen Tanenbaum
P.R. Sunrise on Wheels Senior Volunteer Coordinator 914.343.5405
 Lisa Lehrman
P.R. Sunrise on Wheels Senior Coordinator 914.343.5395
 Nicole Faber
L.I. Sunrise on Wheels Coordinator 516.634.4017
 Sara Mandinach
L.I. Sunrise on Wheels Senior Volunteer Coordinator 516.634.4017
Sunshine from Sunrise 516.634.4017







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