Summer 2021

From our President and CEO

Arnie Preminger

February 15, 2021


To our Sunrise Families, Friends and Supporters:


There are no words to thank you for your generosity and support during these past 11 months as we navigated roads previously untraveled during the ongoing pandemic.  In the end, I believe we will emerge from this time as an even stronger organization, with new knowledge and – more importantly – new opportunities for engagement.  The addition of Sunrise Studios as a fresh leg of our programming now assures that we will be able to offer virtual programs alongside our in-person ones, thereby expanding Sunrise’s reach into areas of the country – and eventually the world – where children with cancer have no day camp options.  We have already begun bringing our virtual Sunrise on Wheels programs to hospitals nationwide, and have placed the magic of Sunrise into the palms of our children’s hands through the release of our Sunrise Studios App.


And now, we are delighted to share with you that all 5 of our U.S.-based Sunrise Day Camps – Long Island, Pearl River, Staten Island, Atlanta (Aurora) and Baltimore (Horizon) – will be opening this summer for in-person camping, along with a virtual camp option for those families who are more comfortable with or who need distance-camping. Our camps in Israel are on a different time schedule and will be making their decisions  shortly.


Recognizing the risk that Covid-19 still poses, the Sunrise Association has developed protocols and temporary modifications for summer of 2021 that are designed to minimize any potential transmission at camp.  These guidelines were developed with input from our medical directors, medical consultants, and in conjunction with guidance from the CDC as well as experts in the field of camping. Among these changes will be:


·      Smaller groups that are self-contained and have minimal interaction with others;

·      Socially distant bus transportation with constant air-flow

·      Mask wearing (required of all campers and staff)

·      Continuous cleaning and disinfecting throughout the grounds

·      Daily screening of all children, staff and visitors

·      Modification or elimination of activities which require direct physical interaction.


Of course, we will continue to monitor both the global and local impact of Covid-19 as we get closer to the summer, modifying these protocols as the situation allows.


Registration for both in-person and virtual camp will open on or before March 1st (February 22nd for Atlanta) with applications available on our website ( or at most area hospitals.   In the meanwhile, we wish everyone a safe winter and spring, and look forward to soon being able to greet our children both at camp and in our partner hospitals.


Stay safe and stay well,

President and CEO