Maddox at Aurora Day Camp

Maddox and his family received his cancer diagnosis in November of 2018. Jackson, Maddox’s big brother, had a hard time with the news and he stepped up to help take care of his brother.

While going through treatment, Maddox’s family learned about Aurora Day Camp-Atlanta and registered both boys for the summer of 2019. Jackson feels so comfortable among his counselors and friends.

He explained to his mom, “We don’t talk about it but we just know.”

Fast forward a couple of years, we are happy to report that Maddox recently ended his treatment. He had his bell-ringing ceremony, which is a special way hospitals celebrate the completion of cancer treatment. Aurora wanted to get in on the excitement, too, and found the perfect way to honor this important milestone.

“Since completing treatment is such a huge accomplishment, we send our campers a special card from the Aurora team containing a delicious recipe and ingredients for an instant cake,” stated Camp Director, Sami Tannenbaum.

Maddox was the most recent recipient of Aurora’s special gift and was very excited for his sweet treat. He’s also super excited to be back at Aurora Day Camp-Atlanta this summer. “I’m looking forward to singing all the camp songs!” exclaimed Maddox, “The songs make me happy and they’re so fun! I also love water play; the water slides are my favorite! And color war! Color war is so awesome!”

Today, the sign on Maddox’s front lawn reads: Hip Hip Hooray! Chemo Ends Today!