Kennedey’s Journey to Aurora Day Camp

Kennedy at Aurora Day CampKennedy Seaborn, a first grader in Sandy Springs, Georgia, is back at school, but already counting down the days to her next summer at Sunrise Association’s Aurora Day Camp.

This summer was Kennedy’s first time at Aurora. She is a five-year survivor of a cancerous brain tumor known as glioblastoma. Kennedy was diagnosed when she was an infant. Her treatment included brain surgery, two years of chemotherapy, followed by radiation.

Because Kennedy had her right frontal lobe removed, her mom, Erica, explained to Fox 5 Atlanta that Kennedy struggles with executive functions. “She likes a calm environment. She’s very introverted,” Erica told Fox 5 Atlanta. “Aurora really brought her out of her shell. She’s been a lot more talkative, a lot more social with other kids.”

Kennedy loved being able to go to the same camp as her five-year-old brother, Dean.

Erica said Kennedy was “super happy and excited to be [at camp] every single morning” and “will most definitely be back.” Aurora is excited to see Kennedy again next summer, too!