From Counselors to Child Life Professionals

From Caring Counselors to Child Life Professionals

March is Child Life Month, which celebrates Child Life Specialists and the support they provide to families facing illness. Sunrise Association continues to inspire and lead individuals to this meaningful career. We are pleased to showcase some of our Sunrise alumni who are now dedicated Child Life professionals at our affiliated Baltimore-area hospitals.

When Morgan Sigur was 3 years old, her family received news that would forever change their lives. Her younger brother was diagnosed with leukemia and two years later, devastatingly lost his battle. Heartbroken, Morgan’s family committed themselves to helping other families impacted by childhood cancer, and Morgan chose to devote her career to this mission.

Morgan Horizon Day Camp
Morgan Sigur working as a Child Life Specialist

Horizon Day Camp played an influential role in Morgan’s career path. Morgan was a camp counselor for two summers at the Baltimore camp. She quickly discovered the importance of allowing children to play and socialize without feeling defined by their illness or circumstances.

“I have a profound admiration for Horizon Day Camp and what it stands for. There is so much joy and happiness at camp. The whole experience reinforced to me how important it is to provide the children with normative childhoods, while keeping their unique health-related needs in mind,” said Morgan.




Morgan now exercises these beliefs and practices as a Child Life Specialist at the Herman and Walter Samuelson Children’s Hospital at Sinai. Thankfully, Morgan is in good company. Lily Metzger also works as a Child Life Specialist at the same hospital as Morgan. Lily first joined Horizon Day Camp as an intern before becoming a camp counselor. Lily now works closely with the Horizon on Wheels program, helping to coordinate Horizon on Wheels visits. “Horizon always brightens up our waiting room, and it’s a privilege for me to help promote Horizon Day Camp’s programs – a wonderful benefit for our patients,” said Lily.

Amanda Horizon Day Camp
Amanda Hennessy working as a Child Life Specialist

Amanda Hennessy, a Child Life Specialist at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, is another Sunrise alum who works closely with our Horizon Day Camp team. Amanda, a New York native, has the distinction of first serving as a camp counselor at Sunrise Day Camp–Long Island before later serving as an intern and Horizon on Wheels volunteer at Horizon Day Camp–Baltimore. Amanda now supervises the Horizon on Wheels program at Johns Hopkins and helps refer families to Sunrise services.

“The enthusiasm, commitment, smiles and laughter from both campers and staff when we allowed them to express who they are and what they are passionate about was an invaluable lesson that will remain with me forever,” shared Amanda.

It’s a special privilege and proud moment when we get to continue working closely with camp staff alumni – now as dedicated, talented professionals. How fortunate for patients and families, and how wonderful that Morgan, Lily, Amanda, and others continue to carry out the Sunrise mission skillfully.

We celebrate you and thank you – in March and always!