Sunrise...A Gift for Siblings​

Sunrise...A Gift for Siblings

When a child has cancer, it affects the entire family.  Siblings, too, may face tremendous challenges socially and recreationally as the family’s focus understandably turns to their brother’s or sister’s medical needs.  But at Sunrise, siblings can play and interact as other brothers and sisters do; they are free to be with friends in a very normal, fun way while escaping the constant worry often found in a home with a chronically ill child. At Sunrise, siblings learn to better understand and deal with their brother’s or sister’s illness and their own feelings. Siblings are welcome to attend whether or not the child with cancer is able to be a camper.

We also recognize that each child is unique. The Friedberg JCC, the JCC of Staten Island and other partnering agencies also offer alternative camp programs including theater, travel, arts, day camps, etc., and have relationships with some of the finest sleep-away camps. Working with the family and the siblings, we can help parents find the best fit for every sibling who wants to go to camp, with Sunrise as one of the options.  Please check with your local camp for availability.

While the physical and mental effects of cancer are hard to ignore, the financial impact on the family is often overlooked. It is common for one parent to stop working to manage their child’s disease – hospital stays, doctors’ appointments and chemotherapy. Having one less source of income, combined with endless medical bills, takes a devastating toll on the family’s financial health.  That is why all Sunrise programs are free of charge and made possible through the generosity of our donors.