Frequently Asked Questions

  • Doctors, child life specialists and social workers agree that the Sunrise experience has been transformative for both their patients and siblings. Sunrise helps heal the child and offers hope that each child might experience the true meaning of childhood.
  • Pediatric oncologists tell us that Sunrise has become as necessary part of the protocol to caring for the health of the children as the medicine they administer.
  • The Feinstein Institute of Northwell Health is conducting research to confirm that children who attend Sunrise programs are tolerating their treatments better and are recovering faster.

Imagine the joy and healing power that Sunrise Association programs offer.  These programs make the biggest difference in children’s lives…and you can, too!

  • Become a Sunrise Benefactor by sponsoring a cocktail reception, golf outing or a major event to benefit our campers

  • Honor someone special with a tribute gift

  • Establish a special endowment fund in your name or in the name of someone meaningful to you
  • Be a Sponsor of Fun at Sunrise Day Camp, one of our Year-Round Programs or In-Hospital Programs
  • Create a walk-a-thon team and join us at our annual SunriseWALKS!
  • Give a gift from your heart
  • Make a recurring donation

For information on how you can help Sunrise Association bring smiles to children with cancer, please contact Beth Fetner, Chief Development Officer, at 516.634.4196

The Sunrise Association currently has nine camps.

  • Sunrise Day Camp-Long Island, NY
  • Sunrise Day Camp-Pearl River, NY
  • Sunrise Day Camp-Greater Philadelphia
  • Sunrise Day Camp-Staten Island, NY
  • Horizon Day Camp in Baltimore, MD
  • Aurora Day Camp in Atlanta, GA
  • Sunrise-Israel Katz in Beit Yehoshuah
  • Sunrise-Israel Katz in Be’er Sheva
  • Sunrise-Israel Katz in Ramat Yochanan
  • Sunrise remains committed to providing our camping and in-hospital services to all our families at no charge, while continuing to bring our services to even more communities around the world where we can have the greatest impact

    We are researching new markets regularly and are looking to open at a pace that makes them sustainable and impactful.

    If you are interested in finding out more about expansion plans and ways you can contribute, please contact Beth Fetner, Senior Vice President of Development.

We look for areas with a centralized pediatric oncology presence within close proximity to one another.

Once those have identified, we being to reach out to philanthropic business people or organization in order to retain a financial commitment that will allow us to look for a location and begin hiring office staff.

Every year we impact the lives of more than 5,000 children with cancer and their siblings through:

• Eight Summer Day Camps

• 34 Year-Round Programs that bring our campers together on weekends and school holidays

• 38 Sunrise on Wheels programs in 20 hospitals worldwide, changing long, apprehensive days in both inpatient and outpatient chemotherapy units into days filled with crafts, laughter and smiles with familiar Sunrise on Wheels volunteers.

Siblings face tremendous challenges both socially and recreationally as the family’s focus turns to the brother’s or sister’s medical needs. At Sunrise, siblings can play and interact as other brothers and sisters do; they are free to be with friends in a very normal, fun way while escaping the constant worry often found in a home with a chronically ill child. They also learn to better understand and deal with their sibling’s illness and their own feelings.
Our percentage of primary campers vs siblings is approximately 47% vs 53%.
During 2017-2018, Sunrise on Wheels saw 4,190 across all of our Wheels programs.

We measure impact by reviewing and calculating the number of camper enrollments and in-hospital program numbers in a year-over-year comparison across all of our camps as well as individual locations.

Yes, most of our camp staff is paid a salary for the summer.

We are extremely touched that many give the money back when they get their paycheck on the last day of camp.  It’s a testament to how truly fortunate we are to have our camp staff and who out very special, caring counselors are.

Our counselors are ages 17+ and are specially trained prior to the opening of camp. Our camps’ on-site directors have extensive experience with children and camping.  They come from many different backgrounds, with one common goal: to make their time with our children the happiest it can be. After their experience at our camps, many of our counselors choose a career in health-related fields.
We have a 4:1 ratio.  We also offer special needs children 1:1 supervision.

Yes, all of our summer, year-round and hospital programs are completely free of charge to all of our families.

While the physical and mental effects of cancer are hard to ignore, the financial impact this disease has on families is often overlooked. When a child is diagnosed, it is common for one parent to stop working in order to manage their child’s disease. Having one less source of income, combined with endless medical expenses only adds to the stress of fighting the disease.  No family will ever be charged for a Sunrise program.

Yes, our camps have air-conditioned Wellness Centers, supported by on-site pediatric oncology nurses and a medical director on call.  Most medications can be easily administered, and ample indoor areas are provided for children to just “cool down.”  In the unlikely event of an emergency, transportation by ambulance is provided. 

Sunrise on Wheels, is an innovative program that provides a day filled with Sunrise fun to children awaiting treatment in pediatric oncology units of participating hospitals. Volunteers wheel a rainbow trunk bursting with toys, games and activities right into many of our affiliated hospitals and change what could have been a bleak and depressing day into a day of camp fun! 

Year-round programs keep the fun going throughout the year because our kids love camp so much that we just had to extend the fun beyond the summer. During the school year, we have Sundays and Fun-days — special activity days for our campers — along with many of the same staff who helped to make their summers so wonderful. Our year-round programs make it possible for our campers to see their friends throughout the year while enjoying summer fun all year long. These camp-like activity days include sports, crafts, special shows & programs, delicious snacks and possibly include swimming in an indoor pool! Just like summer camp, transportation is available. Some of our year-round programs are family events, where parents and children enjoy the fun-filled festivities together.

Whenever we become aware that one of our campers is hospitalized, either camp counselors, staff or volunteers will visit with a few special surprises and a cheery smile.  They will sit at bedside and play with the child, share stories of camp days, and even give mom or dad a drop of respite so he or she can go home for a few hours, change clothes and maybe have a hot meal.  The continuity from camp to bedside helps our children feel connected to their counselors and friends, adds some fun distraction to their hospital stay and treatment and, lessens the sense of isolation and fear that a hospital admission often brings with it.  Sunshine from Sunrise is just that – a burst of sunshine during the darkest times, bringing sighs of relief to parents and sounds of laughter from their children. It’s so simple to schedule a visit; all you need to do is call us.