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Your Impact To Create More Smiles

Every dollar counts when helping children with cancer.

Your contribution plays a vital role in bringing joy, laughter, and cherished moments to children fighting cancer. With Sunrise’s DIY Program, you can turn any activity or event into a way to support the organization.

Start Fundaising Today

The ideas are limitless!

  • Create a fundraising event : Be creative! Host an event, create a challenge, make it your own- the possibilities are endless! DIY events are a fun way to bring together your community while benefiting a great cause.
  • Fundraise on Facebook: Share your story and collect donations directly through Facebook. There are two ways to set this up: through the WALK2SOAR app OR SunriseWALKS dashboard.
  • Share your special occasion: Have a birthday or other big day approaching? Celebrate your day by asking your friends and family to support your fundraising instead of giving you a gift.


Every Dollar Makes an Impact


Provides a child an entire summer worth of memories at camp


Sends a child to camp for a week full of fun


Provides one unforgettable day of camp


Suzanne Beck

National Director SunriseWALKS/Peer-to-Peer

Olivia Kuch

Administrative Assistant, SunriseWALKS/Peer-to-Peer