Giving Hope, Strength and Joy to Children with Cancer and Their Siblings

Sunrise Association brings the joys of
childhood to children with cancer
and their siblings worldwide.

We offer welcoming, inclusive day camps, year-round programs and in-hospital recreational activities, all completely free of charge.

Sharing Happiness

Sharing Happiness

In 2023 alone, Sunrise Association has brought joy to over 45,000 children battling cancer and their siblings.

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Campers at Sunrise Day Camps in 2023

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Children participating in our in-hospital programs

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Kids engaged through Sunrise virtual programs

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Sunrise Smiles
How will you impact a child's life today?

How will you impact a child’s life today?

Donate, volunteer or share our mission to bring back the simple JOYS of childhood for kids fighting cancer and their siblings.

Spreading Smiles Around the World

Spreading Smiles Around the World

Sunrise’s magic stretches from coast to coast in the US and around the world. We’re bringing smiles to children everywhere by opening new camps and expanding our in-hospital programs.

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Day Camps

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Sunrise On Wheels Programs

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Hospitals reached by Virtual Programming

News & Events

Impact in Every Donation

Every dollar you give helps us spread joy in countless ways. While donations are used where they are most needed, your generosity could help provide toys, a day filled with laughter at camp, or sweet summer treats for our brave children.


Fill the Sunrise on Wheels Trunk with Toys


One day at Sunrise Day Camp


Ice cream for the summer for a child

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