FAQ for Parents

Frequently Asked Questions by Parents

Each Sunrise Day Camp has a private, air-conditioned Wellness Center. Each camp is supported by a medical director, on-site pediatric oncology nurses and physicians on call. Most medications can be easily administered and ample indoor areas are provided for children to just “cool down.” In the unlikely event of an emergency during the camp day, rapid transportation by ambulance is provided.

It has been our mission from the start to always include the sick child as well as their siblings.

We understand the toll a diagnosis brings to a family, and siblings are part of it. 

Siblings are often not allowed to play with other children for fear of bringing home germs, nor are they allowed to be free with friends and escape the constant worry often found in a home with a chronically ill child.  There is also the financial strain and often the sibling can’t go to after-school activities because money is tight.

Yes, we provide all of our summer, year-round and hospital programs completely free of charge to all of our families. Whether a child comes to camp for one day, one week or all summer, they are enrolled in our programs with no charges.

While the physical and mental effects of cancer are hard to ignore, the financial impact this disease has on families is often overlooked. When a child is diagnosed, it is common for one parent to stop working in order to manage their child’s disease. Having one less source of income, combined with endless medical expenses only adds to the stress of fighting the disease.

The medical bills often take a devastating toll on a family’s financial stability. We are often told by our families how grateful they are that all siblings are able to enrolled. 

The Sunrise Association currently has nine camps. 

  • Sunrise Day Camp-Long Island, NY
  • Sunrise Day Camp-Pearl River, NY
  • Sunrise Day Camp-Southern NJ/Greater Philly
  • Sunrise Day Camp-Staten Island, NY
  • Horizon Day Camp in Baltimore, MD
  • Aurora Day Camp in Atlanta, GA
  • Sunrise-Israel (three locations)
Any children who are present at the hospital during our Wheels program may participate.

We have a 4:1 ratio.  We also offer 1:1 support as needed.

Our hospital program, Sunrise on Wheels is an innovative program that provides a day filled with Sunrise fun to children awaiting treatment in pediatric oncology units of participating hospitals. Volunteers wheel a rainbow trunk bursting with toys, games, and activities right into many of our affiliated hospitals and change what could have been a bleak and depressing day into a day of camp fun! Year-round programs keep the fun going throughout the year because our kids love camp so much that we just had to extend the fun beyond the summer.

During the school year, our camp Sundays and Fun-days — special activity days for our campers — include many of the same staff who helped to make their summers so wonderful. Our year-round programs make it possible for our campers to see their friends throughout the year while enjoying summer fun all year long. These camp-like activity days include sports, crafts, special shows & programs, delicious snacks and may even include swimming in an indoor pool! Just like summer camp, transportation is available.Some of our year-round programs are family events, where parents and children enjoy the fun-filled festivities together.

Sunrise Day Camps are staffed by counselors, specialists, assistants, and volunteers, ages 17+ specially trained prior to the camp’s opening. Our camps’ on-site Directors have extensive experience with children and camping, and our staff-to-camper ratio often exceeds 1:4, assuring that every need of our campers are accommodated.

All of our staff comes from many different backgrounds, with one common goal: to make their time with our children the happiest it can be.

After their experience at our camps, many of our counselors choose a new or decide to change their career goals to health-related fields.

Sunrise Day Camps are within driving distance of its local communities and surrounding areas. We encourage parents to drive their children to and from camp, in order to limit their time on buses and keep them in the most comfortable environment. If driving is not an option, free bus transportation is available from select locations. Additional special transportation arrangements can be worked out to accommodate the different needs of families.

Sunrise Day Camps are full-summer day camps, Monday through Friday, from approximately 9:30AM–3:45PM (excluding transportation times). Please check with your individual camp for start and end dates as these vary by location. It is divided into sessions, ranging from 1 ½–2 weeks each. We have a flexible attendance policy and campers may sign up for any or all sessions depending on their summer schedule, and special accommodations can easily be made depending on when a child is able to attend. 

At Sunrise, we recognize that children may not be able to attend camp every day, and so our program is designed to assure that no one “misses out” because of an absence. To accommodate working parents, extended hours are available from about 7:30AM to as late as 6:30PM.  

We recognize that our regular day may be a long one for preschoolers. For our preschoolers, Sunrise offers a modified program specially geared to their age.

Days and hours may vary by site. 

One of the great advantages of day camps is that children can bring their own yummy lunches from home, so they never have to wonder about what’s on the menu for that day (of course, we’ll refrigerate it). But that’s all they need to bring, since we provide several snacks during the day as well as juice and other drinks whenever needed. Need something special? No problem! Just let us know and we’ll get it. In our commitment to provide a safe environment for all children, our camps are nut-aware facilities, meaning that we will not knowingly serve any foods with nuts and we request that all parents do the same.

There are so many different ways that you can help and give back.  We need volunteers, committee members, sponsors and so much more.  Click here for more information.